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Enjoy Peace of Mind to Trade with the Protection of Our Credit Insurance.

Credit insurance protects your business from the risks of non-payment of invoices. This means your invoices are covered. So if your customer can’t pay you, you’ll still get your money.

The best credit insurers get to know you and your business. They work in partnership with you, supporting you with up-to-date intelligence on markets and sectors. You can use this information to help explore new markets with confidence and offer competitive credit to customers. It also gives you a layer of security that banks tend to like when approached for finance.

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Accelerate Growth

Grow your business safely by offering open credit terms to your new and existing customers.

Cash Protection    

Avoid unexpected losses such as insolvency, political risk, protracted default and more.

Peace of Mind

Sales reps can focus on sales without worrying about dealing with the credit department.


Lead Generation

Provide in-depth risk information to help you identify good potential customers to trade with.

Markets Expansion

Require less restrictive forms of payment when dealing with customers from foreign countries.

Cost Effectiveness

Policies include perks which usually are an added cost such as debt collections and credit reports.


How your premium is calculated

Pricing is based on a small percentage of your annual sales depending on a number of factors. Factors that affect your premium:


The premium is calculated on the turnover multiplied by the premium rate which is mostly below half a percent.


Some sectors experience greater market volatility. Risk will be reflected in the premium, with sectors closely monitored for change.

Credit terms

The amount of time you allow your customer before they have to pay you is factored into the premium.


Whether through infrastructure, politics or conflict, some countries pose less trading risk than others. Your premium allows for this.

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If you have any questions or need advice regarding credit insurance for your business we can help. We provide credit insurance for businesses around the world ranging from start-ups and SMEs to large multinationals.

We are where you are. We’re present in more than 50 countries and work from more than 160 offices worldwide.

Talk to us. Our expert advisors will help you get the necessary cover, appropriate for your needs.

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