Are you concerned about non-payment or defaults from your B2B customers in the current economic climate?

Are these concerns preventing you from taking on new customers and inhibiting growth?


Competitive business environment = pressure on profits

If you sell on credit terms to B2B customers, it’s an inescapable fact that your business runs the risk of customer defaults or non-payment. In the increasingly competitive business environment, more pressure is being put on profits.

2019 Sales in Credit

More businesses are selling on credit to keep sales up

To keep sales levels up, Singapore businesses have been offering B2B customers credit significantly more often than they had in the past with credit sales now amounting to 67.5% of the total value of B2B sales according to our latest Payment Practices Barometer.







This means bad debts are on the rise

Unfortunately, not all creditors are able to honour their payments and bad debts written off as uncollectable have
increased over the past year to 1.8% compared to 2.4% previously.

2019 SG uncollectable



How do you protect your business and still grow?

So how can businesses protect themselves from the risk of payment default from their B2B customers while at the same time have the confidence to take on new accounts?

Learn from other businesses already doing it.

Our Payment Practices Barometer provides an updated and unparalleled insight into the current payment practices of Australian businesses including: 

  • How other business are using selling on credit terms to grow market share
  • Which industries and business sectors have the highest trade credit risk
  • How other businesses are protecting themselves against the risk of payment default by their B2B customers (by increasing reserves against bad debt or using trade credit insurance)

Ultimately, what this report will show you is how other businesses are taking a strategic approach to credit management and how you can too. For instant access to the report simply enter your details and it will be sent directly to your email address.


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