With Atradius United Arab Emirates and trade credit insurance, you can trade with confidence and explore new markets or products with your business protected against losses.

Atradius United Arab Emirates

Atradius UAE has supported businesses across the Middle East region with trade credit insurance since 2000. At Atradius, we support our customer’s business growth, through expansion to new buyers, new markets or countries, with tailor-made Credit Insurance solutions.

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Schuyler D
Schuyler D'Souza
Country Manager, Atradius UAE

As we constantly monitor market performances, sectors, major industries and country risk factors, we provide peace of mind to our customers, enabling them to focus on their business sales.

In the Middle East region, we cooperate with our fronting partner Orient Insurance PJSC, part of the AI Futtaim group, to provide products and services.

What is trade credit insurance and how does it work?

Trade credit insurance protects you against the risk of your customers not paying you when trading within UAE or abroad.  For example, if your business supplies goods or services to other companies on credit terms, trade credit insurance can protect against your customers failing to pay you. This can be as a result of their business becoming insolvent or sometimes it can happen through no fault of their own, such as political or economic problems.

Our relationships with Atradius are deep, they are long lasting and certainly they are valued.

Toby Shore
Toby Shore
Senior Director Treasury, Emirates Global Aluminium

As well as offering a safety net against the risk of non-payment, your Atradius Credit Insurance Policy can also help your business grow by gaining a competitive advantage in your market. You can benefit from our commercial insight into companies worldwide to help identify opportunities as well as risks, and explore markets that you may not have entered without the protection that trade credit insurance provides.

Our team of underwriters are located around the world and continuously analyse the credit ratings of around 240 million businesses. Should your customers' financial circumstances change, we'll make you aware of this to enable you to take appropriate action. You may, for example, wish to offer them more favourable credit terms if their credit ratings improve (or reduce credit terms if their credit ratings are not so good). 

This information about your customers’ buyer ratings is supplied automatically via our online portal, which you will have access to as part of your insurance policy with us. 

Credit insurance can help with your cash flow, as well as a range of benefits including:

  • increased access to finance, as we can provide your bank with the reassurances it needs when extending finance to you
  • a reduction in your bad debt provision and, in turn, a healthier balance sheet
  • the confidence to seek out new markets and customers, and benefit from the growth this may bring

To find out how can we help you with your businesses, please have a look at the video -- Credit Insurance explained by Atradius.


We are here in the United Arab Emirates

Atradius within the UAE operates through a fronting partnership by Orient Insurance PJSC, to offer trade credit insurance across the Middle East markets for the past 18 years. Contact our visiting office or send us an email via the contact details below:  

Trade Credit Insurance office

Orient Building, 2nd floor

Al Badia Business Park

Festival City, Dubai


Tel: +971 4703 5050

Email: info.ae@atradius.com

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