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The Atradius Credit Specialties Unit provides tailored solutions outside the framework of our whole turnover credit insurance policies. This covers trade, trade financings and political risks.




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The Credit Specialties Unit provides the best of both worlds for our policyholders. Your business is able to benefit from the expertise and data intelligence of a world leading credit insurer as well as the enhanced flexibility and innovation of the political risk market  products.

Our policy wordings are tailored to meet the needs of individual risks and to respond to the evolving economic and geopolitical environment. They address the increasing demand for non-cancellable credit limits, single situations and structured trade financings across the globe.

We work closely with our policyholders and their brokers to ensure that our solutions work effectively with their in-house risk analysis and credit management capabilities.

Making a difference with a Single Situation cover

When you have specifically large contracts or business relationships with key counterparts, you may need a specific safety net including some of the following covers:

  •     Straight non-payment cover for
    •   Single large contracts with short term revolving credit terms
    •   Largest obligors, providing high risk concentration
    •   Top-up complement to your multi-buyers credit insurance
  •     Contract Frustration cover for multi-years projects
  •     Pre-shipment
  •     Non-payment risks including non-honouring of letters of credit

Protecting against Whole Turnover Excess of Loss

You may have a strong credit management but still need to protect your entire turnover for an unforeseeable catastrophe event . When designing cover for such eventualities we can help with:

  •     Significant self-retained excess layers
  •     Discretionary credit limits
  •     Non-cancellable limits

Providing additional trade finance support

We protect the various ways financial institutions support trade

  •     Receivables purchase facilities
  •     Reserve Base Lending
  •     Borrowing Base Financing
  •     Warehouse Finance
  •     Buyer Credit
  •     Leasing
  •     Non-Honouring of L/C’s, SBLC, Import L/C
  •     Structured financing

Protecting against the risk of non-delivery of pre-paid goods

Paying up front for any goods will include an element of risk, one that may be unavoidable in certain jurisdictions or situations. To help protect you against this specific risk we have developed a range of advance payment cover and pre-export finance cover.

Covering the Unfair Calling of Bonds

There may be situations where your bond is at risk. This can include a customer who makes an unfair call or a political situation outside of your control. Our Credit Specialties are designed to insure you against such eventualities.

The Credit Specialties Unit team

We provide tailored  Credit Specialties solutions to customers worldwide. Our Credit Specialties Unit team works out of offices based in:

  •     London
  •     Paris
  •     Amsterdam
  •     Cologne
  •     New York – Baltimore
  •     Singapore


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