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Managing credit risk in difficult times

How to actively manage your account receivables on a continuous basis to identify problems early and avoid negative surprises.

Manage credit risk | Atradius Singapore

How well do you know your customers?

To protect your business and your customers, it is essential to understand the credit risks of your customers and adjust your trading practices to reflect the risk.

How well do you know your customers? | Atradius Singapore

Conduct financial health checks on your customers

Check out why conducting regular financial health checks on customers makes good business practice.

Check Financial health | Atradius Singapore

Buyer Fraud: How to avoid getting caught out

Learn tips on how to avoid fraudsters and protect your business. Free download of our guide.

Atradius: How to avoid getting caught out

4 tips on how to limit bad debt losses during COVID-19

4 steps that you can take to minimise the risk of bad debts and optimise your collections during the coronavirus pandemic.

Llimit bad debt | Atradius

Indian businesses tackle trade uncertainty

India is on track to perform strongly in 2019 with GDP growth forecast for 7.2%. Electronics and services sectors are under extra pressure.

Red Fort Agra, India | Atradius

Auto sector shines as China faces tough road ahead

From navigating trade talks with the US to deleveraging indebted state-owned enterprises, China faces a number of downside risks in 2019.

Car brake light | Atradius

Singapore businesses face rising B2B bad debts

Singaporean businesses are making much greater use of trade credit, with nearly two-thirds of the value of B2B sales now conducted on a credit basis.

Singapore Marina bay | Atradius

Indonesia economy on track as election outcome looms

Based on the likelihood that Widodo will continue as president, at Atradius we believe the economic outlook for Indonesia is relatively positive.

Man holding tablet | Atradius

Managing the pitfalls of the trade war

Your complimentary Southeast Asia report honing in on key Southeast Asia countries and their economic strengths and weaknesses.

Business people looking at laptop | Atradius

What makes Vietnam a standout economy in Emerging Asia?

We believe that Vietnam will be one of the best performing economies in Emerging Asia, with GDP growth forecast to reach 6.7%.

Business people handshake

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